Singapore: The Country of Impeccable Laws

Singapore has always been a source of fascination for the tourists and the people do talk about its strictest laws. The country men who are abide by the rules and regulations of their country can only maintain the dignity and decorum of the nation. The country is famous for its clean, safe and green environment. Therefore, it attracts many visitors.

The country where the strictest laws are being implemented, there the law court needs to be mentioned for its great work. Where there is a law, there is a system. Essex Court Chamber Duxton ( Singapore  Group Practice) is  an Association of Singapore qualified lawyers. The Singapore lawyers’ group is a separate association and should not be confused with the English barristers’ chambers, Essex Court Chambers in London.


The members of Essex Court Chambers Duxton are experts in their field and deals with the full spectrum of commercial, corporate and financial law including banking and finance, civil fraud, corporate chancery and Offshore. The other lawyers also deal in the complex cases of crime and murder. The details of the various laws and their execution help the government and the country men to maintain the law and order of the country.

Commercial, Corporate and Financial Law

The lawyers deal with incorporation and corporate secretarial, fillings’ shares and shareholders, issues of finance and funding, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements (NDA) due diligence and report, full variety of contracts and agreements, partnerships and joint ventures, tenancy and leases franchising and intellectual property. The lawyers also deal with wealth and estate planning services such as wills and trust powers of attorney and asset protection strategies. They always work with efficiency to avoid any chaos in commercial, corporate and financial law.

Public International Law

The public international law defines the relationship between nations and originates largely from the direct agreements or treaties between nations, model laws or direct agreements with nations.  The fields of international law also include criminal law, maritime law, the law of War, human rights law, refugee law and the law established by treaties between Nations.


The lawyers of Essex Court Chambers Duxton also deal in the arbitration which states the resolution of the conflict outside the courts. It is legally binding on both sides and enforceable in the courts. It is often used for the resolution of commercial disputes, particularly in the context of international commercial transactions.

Criminal Cases

Despite impeccable laws in Singapore, the people are often involved in crimes which are hazardous and life taking for other people. The lawyers make sure that the criminals who create troubles for others and vandalizes the public and the private property are strictly punished. There is no sympathy for such kind of people as government make sure that the people of his country should not suffer due to such kind of crimes prevalent in the society.

Banking and Finance Law

The Banking and Finance sector of Singapore work flawlessly due to its fine laws and its implementation. The advice given by the lawyers related to legal banking and finance matters acting for parties ranging from multinational lenders to growth corporation. The clients look at them for legal advice on day to day banking and finance issues for the people dealing in banking and finance sectors.