Kentucky Derby Tickets – What Can You Buy

Seating option chosen could make a huge difference to the experience you get at Churchill Downs on the Kentucky Derby day. There are primarily three options for you: Bleacher seating, stadium seating, and box seating. It is important to understand different types of seating so that you can make the right choice while buying the Kentucky Derby Ticket.

Bleacher seating features the raised benches in the tiered rows. The benches have no back. Stadium seating features several rows of seats with tip-up and a back. The box seating is the place where you find the folding chairs. If truth be told, it is much easier to choose the bleacher and stadium seating. However, while looking for the box seating you might get a bit confused.

Understanding Box Seating

The box style seating is available in all the clubhouse areas with one exception – Section 110, the new clubhouse area does not feature this seating. This type of seating is also available in the 3rd tier grandstand. The area is usually divided into small boxes created with the help of the iron rails. Each box typically houses six folding chairs. But the boxes in the 3rd tier may have as many as 8 chairs. So, there is some bit of cramming. You may not be able to enjoy the luxury of much leg room inside the boxes. This is precisely the reason why some people line up the chairs along the opposite sides of the boxes. This means that there are 3 chairs along each side and thus facing each other. This arrangement helps to free up some space in the centre and thus allows more leg room. It also becomes easier to enter and leave from here. But the things could get a little tricky here. If all six of you are friends and belong to the same group you could follow this arrangement. However, if you are just two, it will not be very polite to ask the people to forsake the front row.

Box seating is for those who want to enjoy the view of the track but cannot afford the top premium Kentucky derby tickets. In fact, unless you are a millionaire or someone who has been offered the free passes to the top seating, you will have to make do with these boxes. But these boxes are also no less expensive. They can cost you more than a thousand dollars per seat.

Other affordable options

For those who do not want to splurge on the box seats can buy the Kentucky Derby tickets for general admission or infield. But here you will not be able to see the race track directly. If you are someone who is fine with watching the race on the large screens this could be a great place for you. You can sip beer while watching the race on the screens with 4K resolution. It does get a bit crowded at times. However, it is still a great environment to have fun. The tickets are also pretty cheap. Check this website: to find out more.