How to Choose the Right Paper for Your Printer

A lot of home printer owners are unaware that there are different paper options for their printing needs depending on their requirements. Some paper can provide much more clear and crisp printing results, whereas other paper has the benefit of being able to provide a jam resistant solution. The type of printer you have and what you use it for will determine the type of paper you invest in. Paper generally comes in three different weights and each has its own benefits.

How to Choose the Right Paper for Your Printer

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Standard Weight Paper

Standard paper is very common in households as it’s generally the cheapest option and provides an everyday use service. Standard weight paper is the lightest paper, but it does have its benefits when compared with much more expensive paper:

  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Jam resistant

Standard weight paper isn’t ideal for professional printing needs, but it’s the perfect solution for printer owners that don’t use their printer that often. You can purchase cheap printer cartridges by clicking here – you’ll find most of the cartridges listed will offer quality results with standard paper.

Mid Weight Paper

Mid weight paper is usually the option for professional printing needs such as in an office environment. You’ll find these benefits when you invest in mid weight paper products:

  • Most versatile paper product – While standard weight paper is also versatile, you’ll find mid weight paper can be used in all copiers.
  • A smoother finish – You’ll be able to tell the difference instantly between standard and mid weight paper because mid weight offers a much smoother finish.
  • It’s great for presentations, double-sided printing, service quotes, brand logo and colour printing.

Mid weight paper is the much more versatile option when compared with standard and heavy weight paper products. This paper option is the go to solution if you want something in the middle of high quality and affordability.

Heavy Weight Paper

If you’re looking to print flyers and other professional business documents you’ll likely be using an inkjet/laser printer for your requirements. If this is the case, choosing heavy weight paper is by far the best option for the following reasons:

  • Little to no show through
  • Smoothest paper available, which is important for leaflet printing
  • Highest quality
  • Best looking colour printing

Standard or mid weight paper is the obvious solution for home printing needs, but if you own a high-end printer for laser printing requirements, there’s no other paper option in terms of quality that heavy weight paper can provide.

You’ll also want to consider other aspects when choosing the right paper as brightness and brand of paper also play an important part when it comes to quality.