How Importance of responsive design

This is the age of the Internet of Things; the number of gadgets in people’s pockets is almost equal to the number of cards in their wallets. In 2014, Google released statistics that stated the number of searches being conducted on hand-held devices had finally surpassed desktop searches. This trend is unlikely to decline.

responsive web design

responsive web design

With the numbers of people accessing the internet on-the-go using various devices rising, it’s important for business owners to ensure that these users are given the best experience regardless of the device your website is being accessed on. This is how and why the art of responsive web design came about.

Before the technique, businesses had to have multiple separate websites designed to suit different screen sizes. However, this was an unsustainable scheme because there are just too many devices to account for.

With responsive design, you have a single website created to self-regulate depending on the screen on which it is being aired. Through responsive design, you can provide your visitors across devices the same stellar quality of clarity, accessibility and navigability as they would get from your desktop site.

Importance of responsive design

Responsive design has replaced the inefficient and cumbersome task of designing multiple websites, optimizing each separately, ensuring each has unique content as well as other aspects of website management.

With website responsiveness, operations become easier and smoother, because all tasks need only be carried out once. In addition, responsive design improves your online marketing effort since Google prefers responsively designed sites, especially for searches on mobile devices.

In addition, any links, SEO efforts and other strategies are directed at a single site, which makes them weightier than if directed at multiple sites. The result is much higher traffic, and with the enhanced user experience, a higher conversion rate.