How does a house move can affect the children?

According to some psychological studies one of the vital events that cause people the most stress is the removal of their place of residence, only overcome by the loss of a loved one.

For any adult, a move is already an important life change, but when it comes to children, everything is magnified. Their short life experience and their narrow socio-family nucleus make this situation an even greater effort for them, also having the aggravating circumstance that it has been imposed on them.

But there are other sensations that children can experience during a move. Like everything else, a child’s reaction will depend on how old he is:

As we have already mentioned, they are often not counted on to make a decision as important as the change of residence, but not the ones taken during the move, so that children may feel displaced. At times, it should be added that in a couple the two components are not always agreeable to move which can lead to children being involved in conjugal discussions.

It is important to keep in mind that in most cases, the changes involve a change of neighborhood, city or even country, with the corresponding change of school. They lose their friends; they leave comfort and confidence to start building new social relationships. When we talk about teenagers, this point is aggravated, since we must add possible first love affair and strong ties in their friendships. We’ve all been teenagers and we know what friends meant in our lives.

The unknown frightened them (this not only happens to children), not knowing the place of destination, the house, the new school, creates a situation of bewilderment and therefore extra stress, which can lead them to the denial of change. Perhaps here we have to ask if we have given them enough information about it.

How can we avoid previous situations and help children make the move a less traumatic experience?

Up to 3 or 4 years, children often adapt without too much complication to the changes. But it is not a time to relax, because it is so important because of its capacity of absorption, the children, feel and affect them the same concerns and moods that the parents transmit to them. That is why, you must convey peace, security and confidence when carrying out the move via furniture moving service. A change in your life can turn out to be something positive and fun. That is the message they should perceive. But of course, nobody said that it was an easy task and for that we have to take into account certain items:

First, explain the situation by giving a positive approach to moving and discussing and solving their doubts. However small they may seem, thousands will emerge. If it is a little older child, it is good to hear their opinion.

It can be very helpful to hire business moving services Singapore that frees us from the most uncomfortable part and physical load that conveys a move including assembly of furniture, assembly and dismantling of furniture, loading and unloading of boxes. All these tasks are a long time that we can dedicate to children.