Computer Vision and the Hospitality Industry

Computer vision makes day to day operations easy in every industry. Methods of processing, acquiring, understanding and analyzing are some tasks in computer vision. As technology keeps on developing, life becomes easier. Computer vision technology is simply referred to artificial intelligence.

In the other hand, this developed technology allows the computer to understand and interpret visual images. Some sectors that use this technology are:

  • Automotive industry
  • Healthcare
  • Retail and security
  • Agriculture
  • Banking
  • Industries

Computer vision in industries helps to monitor the condition of industrial sites. Moreover, this system of computer vision provides customer’s site images with the options of live videos and real time images.

Hospitality Industry

Hospitality industry provides services in many streams such as transport, event planning, lodging, tourism and many other services. The industry deals with billions of dollars each day. The main reason behind the development of hospitality industry is the technology.

Technology is used in every industry for all the operations. As in any industry, computer vision in hospitality is very important. Hospitality industry caters the services for customers’ satisfaction. Using computer vision allows them to do their work efficiently. A big sector like this has the need of innovative technology to build a prosperous business. Click here for the top 3 innovative trends in hospitality.

Benefits of Computer Vision in Hospitality:

1. Better method for merchandising

Ecommerce is made easy through tagging. This makes easier for customers to filter the features. Computer vision allows visual product discovery.

2. Experience in friction store

Computer vision technology allows the customers to enter a certain store through a turnstile. Using the technology enables to track the customers.

3. Systematic retailing

Tracking the customer enables to collect data such as how busy the store is and how long a queue waits.

How does Computer Vision Works?

The technology of computer vision works by three main steps.

They are:

1. Acquiring an image- with video, photos or other technologies such as 3D technology acquire real-time images.

2. Processing the image- deep learning model operate the process.

3. Understanding- understanding the image is the third step. It classifies or identifies an object through interpretation.

Hospitality industry follows these steps in using computer vision effectively. Industries which use simple applications with computer vision might use only one of these steps. But vast sectors use multiple techniques to fulfill their goals.

Learning Computer Vision in Hospitality

Hospitality industry is a very big sector. However, hotels and accommodation side of it holds a prominent place in the industry. Hardships of running a hotel and improving hotel productivity successfully might lead to hiring of extra staff which may not benefit your pockets.

With the PMS’ booking and easy payment methods are provided. Advanced computer vision technology helps more in managing in many ways. So learning computer vision is related to machine learning. You will not have to take risks in your profits and win over your competitors.

Adapting to an advances technology like this will never make you regret. Use of computer vision in hospitality industry benefits both the owner and the customers.