Car battery buying – an ultimate guide

Modern car batteries are much more efficient and last much longer than the ones made two or three decades ago. However, just like almost any other car part, they need to be replaced after some period of time. If you don’t have experience in this activity, you should definitely follow some rules and tips.

For starters, before buying a new car battery, you need to check the car owner’s manual and see which type of car battery is recommended by the manufacturer. People often make the same mistake and buy expensive and more powerful batteries without thinking about the consequences and without looking at some important parameters. Before you buy a new car battery you should take few things into consideration.

The dimensions of the space where you will place the car battery

We all know that the car has limited space under the hood, so make sure to measure the dimensions left for car battery in your car. Check the maximum values for the dimensions for the battery and purchase one within these values.

Checking the Cold Cranking Amps Rating

Even car batteries produced by the same manufacturer and with similar capacity have significant difference when it comes to cold cranking amps. So, check these values and find a car battery suitable for your car. If you are not sure about this and you also need help with battery replacement you can ask for professional help provided by experienced technicians like the ones from

How much Ah (ampere-hour) capacity do you need from the car battery?

In case you’ve bought a brand new car, it is very likely that you will need to replace the battery after about 5 years. In case you had a car battery with 55 Ah, you probably think that you should buy another 55 Ah car battery. However, this is usually not true. Your car has probably driven thousands of miles and in this period of time the engine and the alternator were worn out to some extent. In addition, the brushes are also not working in the same way as before. It is highly recommended to buy a car battery that has greater capacity compared to the original battery, but no more than 10%. You should never buy a car battery with a smaller capacity. The vast majority of reputable car battery manufacturers like Yuasa Battery have car batteries with different capacities in their offer.

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Additional tips

In case your car has numerous electrical consumers like aircon, electric windows, seat heaters and electric mirrors, it is a good idea to look for a car battery with greater Cold Cranking Amps rating. All these car parts need sufficient power supply in order to work properly. If they don’t receive enough power your car may have trouble starting.

Once you install the new car battery, you need to check the charging voltage which should be ranging from 14,00 V to 14,40 V.

Finally, leave this task to true professionals that have experience in this field.