Blade & Soul Guides: Heroic Dungeons

These are both 6-man dungeons with 4-man heroic versions. Be advised that the heroic versions do not give you warnings on boss mechanics. Do not do the 4-man versions of these dungeons until you are very comfortable in the 6-man dungeon AND you have a decent Soul Shield set. These dungeons require that your weapon is upgraded to at least Awakened Profane. I recommend having at least 25k health from soul shields before attempting these dungeons. 2-3 BNS Gold, Soul Shield Chests, Boss Loot (Outfits, Soul Shields, Crafting Materials)


It’s okay to admit if it’s your first time in one of these dungeons. Most players are more than happy to help someone new. It’s better for the party to know that you’re inexperienced than for them to assume you know what you’re doing and then fail at it.


Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT USE SKILLS THAT KNOCK A TARGET AIRBORNE. These skills are great for PvP but will waste everyone’s time in a dungeon, since if you knocked a target airborne, you are the only person who can DPS that target until they land.

Grappling skills, such as the one that KFMs have, are great. These do not restrict party DPS.

4 bosses in each dungeon. Bloodshade Harbor is more difficult than Blackram Supply Chain.

There are separate dailies for 6-man dungeons and 4-man dungeons. If you complete the 6-man quest for a dungeon, you cannot also complete the 4-man quest for the dungeon. The 4-man quest gives greater rewards, but do not attempt them until you are very comfortable with the dungeon.

You must do the quest “Invitation from Poharan” before you can queue for Blackram Supply Chain. You must also have at least an Awakened Profane weapon.

Bloodshade Harbor’s cross-server daily will not appear until you have completed “Reunion at Bloodshade Harbor”, a regular blue quest in the Fishing Lodge, which is a windstride point in the Moonwater Plains-Hogshead Pasture, just south of Hogshead Hamlet. In turn, “Reunion at Bloodshade Harbor” will not appear until you have completed the 6-man Blackram Supply daily at least once. Thanks /u/shiror, /u/TESS3RA, /u/deice3, and /u/Ecorin

Make sure to accept the dailies from the Cross Server NPC before entering.

Nothing special, just defeat all the bosses within each dungeon for rewards.

If you are unsure on boss mechanics, they are almost the exact same bosses as in the 24-man world raids.

Takes about 30 minutes for each dungeon assuming no wipes and experienced party members.

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