Benefits of digital signage display

Digital signages are an electronic display, used for building brand awareness, advertising, and delivering information about the company’s services and products via high-quality graphics and videos. The digital signage displays deliver inclusive time tables, announcements, emergency information and product descriptions; it can provide businesses an edge over your competitors. Now, consumers no longer give a digital-signresponse to print ads and also the cost of client acquisition is becoming expensive. Here are the benefits of anjels media digital signage displays that can enhance the client base.

Increased Recall & Retention Rate– The digital displays capture 400 percent more views as compared to static displays. Also, the recall rate is 83 percent more than traditional media. For retaining customers and improving operational efficiency, the approval of time-in-line update monitors reduced the wait time in hospitals, banks, and service-heavy industries.

Boost in Revenue– A mixture of text, images and videos influence purchase decisions as 60 percent of shopper’s purchasing decisions are made at a point of sale. Moreover, 80 percent of brands that use anjelsmediadigital signage displays experience growth in sales for 33 percent. The Visual Communications can create the excellent consumer experience, enhanced opportunities for up-sells, cross-sells, and impulse-buys by deploying and adapting engaging content.

Low-Cost– Since anjelsmedia digital signage displays eradicate the need for printing, companies using digital signage reduce the cost of printing materials such as brochures, traditional billboards, menu boards, and large posters. It benefits companies by reducing the logistics and storage costs of marketing materials and reduces overall spending and saves time. By saving on material and printing costs, you can focus on churning high-quality content and graphics.

Easily Deployable– In just a few clicks, advertisements can be displayed and optimized to suit the ever-changing needs of the target market. The design can easily be sent and deployed to other branches in few minutes. Cloud-based platforms such as FWI Content Manager, allow deployment, seamless creation, and maintenance of existing and upcoming ads through drag-and-drop user interface. It also let users to leverage the Content Management Web system and set parameters to expand locations and edit content.

Digital Connectivity– The anjelsmediadigital signage technology can aggregate social media content, display weather updates or RSS feeds and advertising products and services. It is used to stream videos about services and products. This technology makes a new avenue of feedback strategies and customer engagement.It also allows customers to provide feedback instantaneously. More than 92 percent of customers trust peer-to-peer recommendations as compared to traditional advertising.

What can you do for Your Business?

We offer easily deployable, low-cost, and flexible solutions that give a higher recall rate and increased retention.There are many benefits of anjelsmedia digital signage being as one of your customer touch-points and can act as an extra customer service representative or sale person when everyone is busy. Industries in finance, retail, hospitality and healthcare sectors greatly benefit using this technology to enhance product information, brand awareness, and interact with customers. Thus, you can increase your business through digital signage.

Digital signs can be animated and hence can transport sound as well as visual content.