Blade & Soul Guides: Heroic Dungeons

These are both 6-man dungeons with 4-man heroic versions. Be advised that the heroic versions do not give you warnings on boss mechanics. Do not do the 4-man versions of these dungeons until you are very comfortable in the 6-man dungeon AND you have a decent Soul Shield set. These dungeons require that your weapon […]

3 Principal Questions about Chinese Wholesale

Chinese wholesale is not a fresh concept for many wholesalers. Drop shipping used to be the prior choice, and the markups and handling fees of it actually have increased the wholesale cost a lot. But now, wholesale direct suppliers is not a tricky issue any more for the development of Chinese wholesale website and the […]

Car battery buying – an ultimate guide

Modern car batteries are much more efficient and last much longer than the ones made two or three decades ago. However, just like almost any other car part, they need to be replaced after some period of time. If you don’t have experience in this activity, you should definitely follow some rules and tips. For […]

How Importance of responsive design

This is the age of the Internet of Things; the number of gadgets in people’s pockets is almost equal to the number of cards in their wallets. In 2014, Google released statistics that stated the number of searches being conducted on hand-held devices had finally surpassed desktop searches. This trend is unlikely to decline. With […]