An Overview Of The Globally Reputed Universities in Singapore

Academic Facades In Singapore: A Quick Glance

Singapore is the epitome of urbanisation and modernisation. From fascinating skyscrapers to astounding architecture, from corporate headquarters to a buzzing travel destination; Singapore is known for all. Along with all these aspects; Singapore does not lag in education and academic development. With globally reputed universities and colleges, no city in the world can surpass the academic facet of Singapore.

Singapore is reputed for housing two world-famous universities: namely the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Both universities offer a wide range of courses at various levels and accommodate approximately up to 30, 000 students annually.

NUS and NTU Courses

Founded in 1905, the National University of Singapore is the oldest higher education institution in Singapore. It is a sprawling multi-disciplinary university with various undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Arts and social sciences, computing, businesses, dentistry, design and environment, engineering, law, public health, public policy, and music; everything is taught at NUS at various levels. Nanyang Technological University is an autonomous university in Singapore. It is the second oldest public autonomous research university and second largest in Singapore, offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs in civil engineering, biological sciences, humanities, art, media and design, environmental engineering, computer science, electrical and electronics and communication, and information technologies. Singapore Universities Cost in 2020 varies from course to course and duration of the course. More than 33,500 students across the world join NTU every year to enhance their academic skills and knowledge.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach in NUS and NTU

NUS offers a plethora of multi-disciplinarily programs in every domain. It is known for more or less 70 joint, concurrent, and double degree courses structured with the leading universities of the World. In humanities and arts, courses in Asian studies, gender studies, art history, film studies, urban studies, health, and social studies and interactive media development are quite popular. These courses are offered at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and both domestic and international students are entitled to take up these courses.

NTU has two campuses. The primary campus of the university is sprawling and huge, located in Yunnan Garden. It covers an area of more than 200 hectares with beautiful architecture and design. The other campus is located in Novena, which is the Medical District of Singapore and home to plenty of researchers and laboratories.


Admission and Scholarships

Admission procedure for both the universities is done through proper admission tests, group discussions, and personal interviews. Both NUS and NTU offers excellent scholarship programs to exemplary brilliant students and people with outstanding skills and expertise. The scholarship program offered to undergraduate and postgraduate students covers end to end tuition fees, accommodation, and living allowances for the year.