3 Principal Questions about Chinese Wholesale

Chinese wholesale is not a fresh concept for many wholesalers. Drop shipping used to be the prior choice, and the markups and handling fees of it actually have increased the wholesale cost a lot. But now, wholesale direct suppliers is not a tricky issue any more for the development of Chinese wholesale website and the shipment from China to foreign countries is more convenient, If you want to start your small business, check the wholesale website of China and you will find something. Get information of following points can be a guide for Chinese wholesale in your startup phase .


Wholesale from which website?

Find a trust worthy wholesale website is the very first step. You can look into the Chinese wholesale supplier lists and check out reviews if existing. The stable supply chain and reputation of one website are very essential, which can ensure the quality and stability of its goods. The online English customer service helps a lot for those without much experience and then if you have any question and puzzle, just ask online and a helpful customer service stuff will answer it online promptly to solve your problems. Apart from these benefits before making an order, the turning-back policy is also one factor that determines the reliability of Chinese wholesale websites. It is inevitable that damages occur in shipment or processing and the website is willing to take the responsibility on its behalf, then this is one supplier you can trust.

Which type of product to wholesale?

If you have specific kind of goods to source and you can skip this question. Otherwise, you have to make a detailed research both in your target customer and Chinese wholesale market because you have to know the desirable goods of your target group and the featured and cheap ones in China. Find a niche market would be perfect, however, the opportunity of it is rarity and the commonly popular and well-received product is safer choice.

What to do if order quantity is less than MOQ?

Then once you get a wholesale website with such features, and you have source the products you need and unfortunately find out that your order quantity is up to MOQ. Do not be worry and you can negotiate with suppliers. Tell them if you have following orders or you can pay a little higher to cover the shortage of quantity.

Choose which shipping method?

Most Chinese wholesale websites offer direct mail. Both direct mail and freight forwarders are very convenient for Chinese wholesale women. What you have to do is to choose which direct shipping method that depends on the weight and urgency of your order. Detailed information you can check and confirm with the supplier you choose.

As a green-hand and have a few concerns, go through these puzzles then you can start wholesale business in small quantity. Once getting experience and finding a long-term trustworthy supplier, expanding your Chinese wholesale business.